Lineage 2 server status

Lineage 2 Server Status

Here you will find all informations about Fire Angel Empire server rates , status and all improvements made.PLEASE READ IT ALL!!!

Vitallity is set to off, because a character need a constant XP rate to fit with the drops calculated on mobs and others.

Farming zones are divided in 4 parts, to make balance and give a more user friendly gaming to players:
     -farm zone only for XP
     -farm zone for 1 player
     -farm zone only for big drops,(need a party of minimum 2 players)
     -farm zone with normal mobs,drops and XP

Enchant rate is set 4 for safe and maximum is 25
     -this how will be easy to make +25 A weapons, but will be like impossible for S weapons, because of their price.
     -pvp weapons and Hero weapons can be enchanted, augumented and apllied elemental on them.
     -enchant rate is :
         EnchantChanceWeapon = 66
         EnchantChanceArmor = 66
         EnchantChanceJewelry = 66
         EnchantChanceElement = 70
         BlessedEnchantChanceWeapon = 80
         BlessedEnchantChanceArmor = 80
         BlessedEnchantChanceJewelry = 80
     -enchanting gives HP bonus on armor parts!Use the search form to find the bonus for any armor item.

Economy in game is based on 3 curency types :
     Fire Angel Spirit Fire Angel Spirit ~ known as adena in Lineage 2
     Fire Angel Coin Fire Angel Coin ~ known as ancient adena in Lineage 2
     Fire Angel Imperial Coin Fire Angel Imperial Coin ~ a new currency used in trading luxury items ,that can be obtained from PVP and TVT events (automated ones),grand boss and raid boss(but very few)
     - in every town you will find an merchant npc, where you will can sell,buy,rent,bid your items to others player through it.This how players wont stay in "private store" mode and lose time,they will find anything easily and towns wont be full of players making client lag.

     -number of maximum buffs taken from npc is 24 with maximum 12 dances & songs, this how all characters have the chance to not be overwhelmed by others and giving to a complet party the full power can get from buffing.Pets can get maximum of 20 buffs.
     -because the npc buffer is the main reason why all server have unbalanced classes, we restricted some buffs and the time they are active from the npc.Remember, all servers are unbalanced because of the npc buffer, but without him players leave.This is one of the biggest mistake in players mentality...a server must have npc buffer.

Antibot system:
     -server have a captcha validation system, so when you log or farm from time to time a question will be displayed and players have to answer it in 120 seconds or else they will be kicked or sent to jail.This is not very estetic, but is one of the few methods that cant be hijacked.

     -most of the events are automated and are based on pvps.These how we try to get a more tactical pvp server, then a pk one where you are enslaved by others.Tvt and Capture the flag are the most important events, because they reward players with Fire Angel Imperial Coins, and these currency is extremely valuable on Fire Angel Empire.In time, a new type of event based on assassinating other players or mercenaries will be in the top of events.

Anti pk system:
     -new players are frightened by the ideea if they will start a character from level 1, they will be victims of Over Powered players and they will cant farm or level up.The anti pk system works like this: if the enemy have 30 levels more then the victim,then the victim will be left with minimum 1HP and the enemy will get 100% of the damage made and eventually will die.
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Version: Gracia Final
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2022-11-27 04:59:19

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Next siege: -4045 d, -14 h, -59 min - Gludio
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2011 Oct 12
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2011 Oct 12
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2011 Nov 12

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