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Quest nameDescriptionMin-Max LevelRestrictions
Stolen Dignity Recover Stolen Infernium Ore
The Iron Gate Guild is furious that the infernium ore that it needs to construct a warehouse has been stolen by monsters! They have asked for assistance in recovering the ore.
58-75 No Requirements
Mutated Kaneus - Schuttgart Mutated Cellular Tissue
Wizards are starting to do research on Kanueses that have been mutated due to an evil energy of Kamaloka that exists between this world and hell...
58-0 No Requirements Needed
Shriek of Ghosts Ancient Ash Urn
The Tower of Insolence was built with the blood and bones of its many innocent victims. That place is haunted by the souls of those wrongly executed there! Would you pacify them?
59-71 No Requirements
Legacy of Insolence In Search of Ancient Documents
The Tower of Insolence is definitely one of the most marvelous structures in history! The Gray Pillar Guild, expert architects, felt they had to reclaim the inheritance of their Dwarven ancestors' technology.
59-75 No Requirements
Whisper of Dreams, Part 2 Deepest part of Antharas' Lair
Seer Manakia is not able to adequately foresee the coming darkness. He asks for help in acquiring better materials.
60-74 Mysterious Stone
Into the Flame Get the Vacualite
You'll need a set of floating stones to enter the Flame Pass within the Forge of the Gods.
60-80 No Requirements
A Dark Twilight Killing Splendors
The Hierarch in charge of the Evil Altar asks you to eliminate those who interfere with the activities of his followers.
60-71 No Requirements
Heart in Search of Power Collect the Beads of Obedience
The Mysterious Necromancer stands morosely near the entrance of the Valley of Saints. He says that he's gathering materials for his research into increased power.
60-71 No Requirements
Possessor of a Precious Soul - 2 A Girl's Nightmare
Virgil, a Dwarf who worships the Lady of the Lake, asks you to help his granddaughter who has been tormented by a strange nightmare.
60-75 This quest can only be fulfilled while a character is in a sub-class. In addition, a character must have also completed "Possessor of a Precious Soul - 1."
Awl Under Foot Fortress Dungeon
The Dungeon Monster Elimination Department has had a real headache trying to eliminate the monsters lurking in the Fortress Dungeon, which was established by some forgotten ruler long, long ago. It has become an extremely dangerous place, filled with hidd
60-0 No Requirements
Chest caught with a bait of fire. Red treasure chest
You've got a strange bait from Linnaeus. What's inside the box?
60-62 Completion of "Linnaeus' Special Bait" quest
Linnaeus' Special Bait Crimson Drake Heart
Fishing Guild Member Linnaeus of Oren asks you to bring him the ingredients he needs to make his special bait. It doesn't catch fish, it doesn't make you popular, but it does find treasure chests!
60-62 No Requirements
For Sleepless Deadmen Eternal Rest to Soldiers of the Castle
The king's bitterness at his defeat was so great that it even transcended his death! To this day, he wanders his ruined castle.
60-67 No Requirements
Sweet Whispers Meet the Mysterious Necromancer
Vladimir is looking for assistants to help the mysterious organization to which he belongs. It's a request you can't refuse.
60-0 No Requirements
Make a Pair of Dress Shoes Meet Leikar
While making formal wear, Leikar asks you to go to Trader Woodley get some dress shoes. Woodley doesn't make them, however.
60-0 The character must have the "Make Formal Wear" quest.
In Search of Cloth Go to Varan
Radia says that the ingredients she needs haven't arrived yet. She asks you to go to the Town of Gludio and check on her delivery.
60-0 The character must have the "Make Formal Wear" quest.
Find Glittering Jewelry Go to Felton
Leikar asks you to go to Ellie and get the gem from her, but Ellie says that she didn't finish because her delivery didn't arrive.
60-0 The character must have the "Make Formal Wear" quest.
Make a Sewing Kit Get Reinforced Steel
Leikar asks you to visit Ferris in the Town of Aden and make a sewing kit. You'll need an extraordinary ingredient to make it.
60-0 The character must have the "Make Formal Wear" quest.
Make Formal Wear Finding Leikar
You visited Alexis to have some formal wear made, but learned that her maid, Leikar, makes it better than she does. Go and see Leikar.
60-0 No Requirements
An Arrogant Search The Search Begins
Above the Tower of Insolence swirls a mysterious vortex. There the gods have sealed Baium, the arrogant creator of the tower. What can you learn there?
60-75 No Requirements
Light and Darkness Breaking the Seal
The Hierarch is attempting to make it possible to perform his ritual on the Altar of Saints.
61-0 Completion of the "Sweet Whispers" quest
Pailaka - Devil's Legacy Pailaka of Devil's Isle
Second Pailaka quest. Upon completion of the quest, you will receive Vitality points. (Your Vitality Level will not exceed its maximum.)
61-67 No Requirements
A Game of Cards Collect Red Gemstones
Warehouse Chief Klump of the Town of Aden spends most of his time playing cards. The word is that anyone who can beat him will win a generous prize.
61-80 No Requirements
The Coming Darkness Breaking the Seal
The Hierarch says that you must pass a trial to be recognized as a member of his group.
62-0 Completion of the "Light and Darkness" quest
Necromancer's Request Vampire Hunting
The Necromancer in the Forest of the Dead asks you to destroy the vampires that are interfering with his collection of magic materials.
63-77 No Requirements
Hidden Truth Dark Mage Depression
The Forest of the Dead. A sleepless ghost lives in the deep darkness. The conspiracy is born.
63-0 No Requirements
Tragedy in von Hellmann Forest Necromancy
The Priest requested necromancy. What is the tragedy of Hellmann Forest? Some die and some are made quite wealthy.
63-0 Completion of "Hidden Truth" quest.
Illegitimate Child of A Goddess For Divine Glory
Dark Elves think of Shilen as their mother, as she may well be, but children born of such lunacy are bound to cast a dark shadow.
63-67 No Requirements
Go to the Pastureland! Mushy Meat
Vladimir says that his recent order of meat from the Pastureland was mushy. He asks you to return it for him.
63-0 No Requirements
Lidia's Heart Treasure Hunter Investigation
A girl knows the truth. The night she became a vampire, a tragedy befell the von Hellmann family.
64-0 Completion of "Tragedy of the Hellmann Forest" quest.
Possessor of a Precious Soul - 3 Meet Ossian
Caradine asks you to help the Lady of the Lake recover her lost strength.
65-75 This quest can only be fulfilled while a character is in a sub-class. In addition, a character must have also completed "Possessor of a Precious Soul - 2."
Delicious Top Choice Meat Get Meat
The best meat comes from a mature animal, but with no one left to raise them, those animals have become too fierce to approach!
65-73 No Requirements
In the Forgotten Village Dark Mage Hunting
The Forgotten Village inside the Forest of the Dead. The people here are constantly harassed by undead and Dark Mages. Help them!
65-73 No Requirements
Bring Up With Love Jewel of Innocence
A kindhearted beast may possess a Jewel of Innocence. Where can you find one?
65-0 No Requirements
Inhabitants of the Forest of the Dead Flowers for the tombstone
Something horrible happened in what is now known as the Cursed Village. Was the Lady Lidia responsible for these tragic events? What or who was behind the tragedy of the Hellmann Forest if not her?
65-0 Completion of "Lidia's Heart" quest.
Clean up the Swamp of Screams Slaughter the Stakatos!
Pierce, captain of the Golden Ram Mercenary Force has assigned the task of driving out stakatos to you. You must go to the Swamp of Screams to carry out this mission.
66-80 Golden Ram Badge - Recruit or Golden Ram Badge - Soldier
Hunt of the Golden Ram Mercenary Force Join the Golden Ram
The Golden Ram Mercenary Force is currently recruiting! This prestigious mercenary force is currently carrying out the mission of subjugating/driving out stakatos from the Swamp of Screams.
66-78 No Requirements
Hiding Behind the Truth Put On a Poker Face
The conspiracy has been exposed. What would have been a complete tragedy was only saved by the fact that she survived because of the experiment.
66-0 Completion of the "Inhabitants of the Forest of the Dead" quest.
In Search of the Nest Find the Scout
According to the information gathered by the Golden Ram Mercenary Army, the Stakatos have a vile nest where they live and breed. Pierce is trying to find the entrance of the nest.
66-0 Golden Ram Badge - Recruit or Golden Ram Badge - Soldier
Meeting with the Golden Ram Receive the delivered cargo!
Warehouse Chief Donald asks you to deliver war supplies to the Golden Ram Mercenary Force that was dispatched to the Swamp of Screams. He asks you to first go meet Warehouse Freightman Daisy, his niece.
66-76 No Requirements
Secret Buried in the Swamp Search for Researcher Krorin!
Mercenary Supplier Abercrombie of the Golden Ram Mercenary Force asks you to find a researcher who went missing while he was exploring for relics of an ancient empire that lay hidden in the Swamp of Screams.
66-76 No Requirements
The Zero Hour Kill the Stakatos!
The Mercenary Captain Pierce located the Stakato Nest and commited all his troops there in order to finish the arduous battle.
66-0 Completion of the In Search of the Nest Quest
Mutated Kaneus - Rune Mutated Cellular Tissue
Wizards are starting to do research on Kanueses that have been mutated due to an evil energy of Kamaloka that exists between this world and hell...
68-0 No Requirements Needed
Shadow of Light Daimon's Family
When Daimon the White-Eyed tries to control the monsters here, the Eye of Argos sought soldiers to defeat him.
68-75 No Requirements
Egg Delivery Delivery of Eggs - Pulin
Chef Jeremy is looking for someone to deliver boiled eggs to his customers.
68-73 No Requirements
Specialty Liquor Delivery Delivery of Specialty Liquor - Beolin
Chef Jeremy is looking for someone to deliver special liquor to his customers.
68-73 No Requirements
Awl Under Foot Into the Castle Dungeon
The Castle Dungeon was established by a forgotten ruler long ago, but the monsters lurking within it are giving the current warden a real headache. Vicious creatures roam the prison's many passages, and the warden is ready to reward anyone who can provid
70-0 No Requirements
Light within the Darkness Investigators Rescue Mission
4 investigators are being held in the Rim Palilaka and must be rescued.
70-0 No Requirements Needed
Watching Eyes Hunting Disciples
The Eye of Argos asks you to kill the disciples that are making its life miserable.
71-78 No Requirements
The Finest Food Pride of the Master Chef
Chef Jeremy asks you to gather the ingredients so he can develop a special regional dish.
71-78 No Requirements

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