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Quest nameDescriptionMin-Max LevelRestrictions
Sense for Business Find the Magical Ingredients
Legends speak of a hidden treasure in the Wastelands. How could such a desolate place hold treasure?
21-32 No Requirements
Blood Fiend Creamees' Revenge
Bloody Lord Kirunak, the leader of the dark ones, killed many brave Elven warriors at the final battle of the Underground Fortress! Legend says that he still lurks near that ruined battlefield! Arise, Elven warriors! Revenge is ours at last!
21-26 Exclude Dark Elf
Making the Harvest Grounds Safe Make the Grounds Safe
Secure the Fellmere Harvesting Grounds so the masons can work safely.
21-0 No Requirements
Ghosts of Batur Defeat the Spiteful Soul
The vengeful spirits are increasing because of the grave robbers' activities, and Karuda needs help preventing something evil from happening.
23-36 No Requirements
Bring Out the Flavor of Ingredients! Collection of Ingredients for Desserts!
Dion is always packed for its monthly cooking contest. One magister who likes to cook plans to embarrass the other cooks with his expert technique!
24-29 No Requirements
Help the Son! Find a Work Hammer
Pet Manager Lundy has a son who is about to become an Adventurer. He says that he'll give you a marvelous gift if you get him a work hammer.
24-0 No Requirements
Adept of Taste Satisfy Magister Mirien
Chef Jonas' dream has always been to return to his hometown a world-class chef. He plans to enter a royal competition, which will be judged by none other than Magister Mirien, a notoriously finicky eater! What ever shall he prepare?
24-34 No Requirements
Recover the Farmland Turek Orc Hunting
All that awaited the farmers returning home from the long war were burned land and evil barbarians!
25-34 No Requirements
Lizardmen's Conspiracy The Guard's Report
The Maille Lizardmen slowly and menacingly approach the castle. Their secret power will soon be revealed.
25-34 No Requirements
Help the Uncle! A Trident is Needed
One day his uncle left to start a ranch in the north, and Waters recently got a letter from him! He wants to help his uncle start a new life.
25-0 No Requirements
Collector of Jewels Jewel Collection
Magister Nell wants to know the connection between the soul stone found at the Elven Ruins on Talking Island and the one found at the Forgotten Temple. And that's not her only question!
25-37 No Requirements
Hunt of the Black Lion War Mission
Evil spirits have taken advantage of Aden's weakness after the Gracian War to wreak havoc all over the kingdom. The Lords from each territory have called upon the Black Lion Mercenaries to drive the evil spirits away.
25-39 Black Lion Mark
Help the Sister! A Crafted Dagger
Planning to move to a quiet place, Cooper gets a letter from his younger sister one day. The letter says she wants to become an Adventurer and help her brother! Cooper wants to get a dagger for her!
26-0 No Requirements
Runaway Youth Did the Runaway Return Home?
When you meet a Fisherman's son who ran away because he didn't want to be part of the family business, convince him to return home.
26-0 No Requirements
I'd Rather Be Collecting Fairy Breath Collecting Fairy Breath
Collect the breath of Wind Sylph, the wind fairy, on Windy Hill.
26-0 No Requirements
Acts of Evil Stolen Cargo
Menacing evil spirits increasingly threaten the peace of Gludio! Unmask and destroy the conspiracy between the Turek Orcs and the ol mahums in the nothern part of the territory!
27-32 No Requirements
Chest caught with a bait of wind A Strange Box
Lanosco asks you to look for a lost treasure chest. He thinks it was probably dropped into the water. You should try fishing for it. When you find it, open it up to see what it contains and then return it to its original owner. One time quest.
27-29 Completion of "Lanosco's Special Bait" quest.
Lanosco's Special Bait Power of Wind
Lanosco asks you to obtain special materials that he needs to make a special bait that will be used to recover a lost box. According to Lanosco, this bait doesn't catch fish, but it can be used to catch a special treasure chest!
27-29 No Requirements
An Elder Sows Seeds Find Kranvel's Spellbook
The forbidden spellbook, used to protect against the devil Beleth, immediately transformed the once-fertile land south of Aden into a barren wasteland. Now, at last, Elder Casian has hopes of rekindling life there.
28-42 No Requirements
Mutated Kaneus - Dion Mutated Cellular Tissue
Wizards are starting to do research on Kanueses that have been mutated due to an evil energy of Kamaloka that exists between this world and hell...
28-0 No Requirements Needed
The Wishing Potion Secret Keeper Tree
Alchemist Matild has long tried to create a mysterious potion. She recently discovered a book containing the recipe and asks you to bring it to her. She gives you a book of alchemy and gives you directions to the secret keeper tree.
30-0 No Requirements
A Looter and a Railroad Man Sweeping Bandit
Railroad Worker Obi in the Plunderous Plains is plagued by incessant bandit attacks. Help him!
30-0 No Requirements
Beyond the Hills of Winter Goods Purchased for Filaur
The Dwarven Village is frozen. If you travel along the route of the southbound railroad and over the icy hill, you will come to the Plunderous Plains.
30-0 No Requirements
Aiding the Floran Village. The Woes of Floran Village
The Floran Village is a farmers' commune. The village has been growing, but needs some extra help these days.
30-0 No Requirements
Birthday Party Song Red Crystal
The beautiful weather has inspired Melody Maestro Octavia to finish a musical birthday piece. Will you help her to store it?
31-36 No Requirements
Black Swan Subjugation of Tasaba Lizardmen
Tasaba lizardmen have stolen cargo belonging to Iason Heine, owner of the the most successful commercial guild in Heine! Kill the lizardmen and recover the cargo!
32-36 No Requirements
Arrow of Vengeance Death Arrow
The land dragon Antharas has been ravaging the kingdom of Aden for the past several years. There is one person in particular who seeks to avenge his tyranny.
32-39 No Requirements
Curiosity of a Dwarf Golem's Stoneheart
Dwarves are naturally curious, but Rolento is even more curious than most! He's looking for some like-minded individuals to join him.
33-38 No Requirements
Gather Ingredients for Pie Collecting Honey Pouches
To make a special pie for this weekend's banquet, help Emily collect honey from bees.
34-40 No Requirements
Hunting Leto Lizardman Hunt Leto Lizardman
Repulse the Leto Lizardmen that suddenly gained power!
34-39 No Requirements
Song of the Hunter Test of the Hunters Union
The Hunters Guild has a long, romantic history, and has always been in the dreams of youths who seek adventure. Whether they choose to hunt criminals or monsters! It's definitely not an easy task to join the Hunters Guild.
35-59 No Requirements
Trial of the Challenger Cave of the Shyslassys
Many Warriors seek the challenger's mark as proof of their valor. A conspiracy of darkness surrounds the mark.
35-0 Warrior, Elven Knight, Palus Knight, Orc Monk, Orc Raider
Temple Executor Proof of Loyalty
Complete your service to the Temple and receive the position of Temple Executor from Piestess Glyvka. (Reward penalty applied if you are 6 or more levels higher than the quest level).
35-0 No Requirements
Trial of Duty Finding Sir Aron Tanford
Why do Knights fight? For personal gain or public acclaim? This question must be answered by all who are called to knighthood!
35-0 Human Knight, Elven Knight, Palus Knight
Trial of the Seeker Formerly Known as Hawkeye
The peace of the kingdom is threatened by mutant evil spirits. The Seeker Guild wants to conduct secret reconnaissance to find out what they're up to. It's a tough, dangerous job. Are you certain that you're prepared to follow the Path of the Seeker?
35-0 Rogue, Elven Scout, Assassin
Trial of the Scholar In Search of High Priest Sylvain
Every Magus must pass the Trial of the Scholar. Passion and humility are essential to success.
35-0 Human Wizard, Elven Wizard, Dark Wizard
Trial of the Pilgrim The Teachings of Pa'agrio
To understand the power of a deity, you must first understand its nature. Open your mind to new patterns of thought. True enlightenment comes to all who seek it.
35-0 Cleric, Elven Oracle, Shillien Oracle, Orc Shaman
Trial of the Guildsman The Trial Begins
In order to become a full-fledged member of Dwarven society, a Dwarven apprentice must first prove himself worthy by creating 7 journeyman rings.
35-0 Scavenger, Artisan
Method to Raise the Dead Collecting Victim's Bones
After many hardships, Locksmith Dorothy and her friends succeeded in stealing the treasure of the legendary pirate, Zaken! The shining fang awaited them near the village.
35-42 No Requirements
Temple Missionary The Goddess of Order
Serve the Temple to earn the title of Temple Missionary from Priestess Glyvka. (Reward penalty applied if you are 6 or more levels higher than the quest level).
35-0 No Requirements
Temple Champion I Proof of Qualification
Rumor has it an angel has descended from heaven! Speak with High Priest Sylvain for details. (Reward penalty applied if you are 6 or more levels higher than the quest level).
35-0 Completion of both "Temple Executor" and "Temple Missionary" quests.
Little Wing Elder Cronos
Hatchlings are, quite honestly, ugly little creatures! But how else are you to get a strider and wyvern?
35-0 No Requirements
Pailaka - Song of Ice and Fire Pailaka Guide
First Pailaka quest. Upon completion of the quest, you will receive Vitality points. (Your Vitality Level will not exceed its maximum.)
36-42 No Requirements
Chest caught with a bait of icy air. Searching For a Strange Box
You've gotten a strange piece of bait from O'Fulle, a Giran Fishing Guild Member. I wonder what's in the box he wants you to recover?
36-38 Completion of "O'Fulle's Special Bait" quest
Family Honor Recover the Stolen Antiques!
u,Trader Galibredo claims to have royal blood in his veins. He claims to be a descendant of a distinguished aristocratic family of the ancient Elmoreden Empire. He seeks to regain the glory of the past and restore himself to his rightful place of honor
36-49 No Requirements
O'Fulle's Special Bait Lost Fishing Lures
Lanosco asks you to obtain special materials that he needs to make a special bait that will be used to recover a lost box. According to Lanosco, this bait doesn't catch fish, but it can be used to catch a special treasure chest!
36-38 No Requirements
Temple Champion II Position of the Temple
The Temple of Einhasad wishes to deliver a manifesto which declares that the angel's advent proves the legitimacy and primacy of the Temple over all opposition. (Reward penalty applied if you are 6 or more levels higher than the quest level).
36-0 Completion of the "Temple Champion - 1" quest.
Trespassing into the Sacred Area Protect the Garden of Eva
The Garden of Eva is the holy sanctuary of the Goddess of Water! What are all those evil creatures doing there?!
36-48 No Requirements
Wild Maiden Did Suki Return Home Safely?
If you meet Suki, who ran away because she fell in love with a vagabond, convince her to go back home.
36-0 No Requirements
Testimony of Trust The Elven Tetrarch
Humans have proudly dominated this continent for millennia. But, as has been said, pride goes before the fall.. If they are to survive, they must restore the trust of the other races.
37-0 Warrior, Human Knight, Rogue, Human Wizard, Cleric

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