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Quest nameDescriptionMin-Max LevelRestrictions
Jovial Accordion Barbado's Request
Somebody said music is the most beautiful way to show yourself. The musician who loves music and calls himself the master of the melody, is looking for someone who can play with him.
15-0 No Requirements
Dwarven Kinship Letter of Greetings?
Warehouse Keeper Carlon hasn't seen his family since he was captured by Dark Elves ten years ago. He seeks someone to deliver a message to his brother Haprock in the Town of Gludio.
15-0 No Requirements
Will the Seal be Broken? Preparation for a Ritual
The Human has betrayed the secret that's kept Hierarch Mitraell sealed for centuries! Help Tettrarch Talloth break the seal that binds Mitraell!
16-26 Dark Elf
Subjugation of Lizardmen Subjugation of Felim Lizardmen
Whilst beset from all directions, yet another force has begun threatening Gludio! Lizardmen have begun looting and pillaging throughout the land! Destroy them and restore the peace!
17-21 No Requirements
Fabulous Feathers Cave Muertos
Nouveau Chic Kamael Village! Lavish accessories made from native Muertos Feathers are said to be all the rage in the capital city.
17-23 No Requirements
Crystals of Fire and Ice Soulstone Fragment
Hidden deep within the Elven Ruins are rare relics, once used in rituals honoring the ancient spirits of water and fire! Destroy the evil that guards them and retrieve the priceless relics!
17-23 No Requirements
Iconic Trinity To the Icon of the Past
Hierarch Kekropus says that Kamael youths should know the truth about their people before they leave for the Isle of Souls.
17-20 Kamael
Into the Large Cavern Go to N
Hierarch Kekropus says you should meet someone who communicates through the Icons.
17-21 Kamael, Under Level 20, First Class Transfer, Quest 'Iconic Trinity' Completed.
New Recruits Go to N
Hierarch Kekropus says they are looking for adventurers who can help Kamael youths travel to the Isle of Souls.
17-21 Races other than Kamael, First Class Transfer, Under Level 20
Path of the Warder The Test of the Steelrazor
To be a Warder who uses special skills suitable for a female Kamael, you must pass a qualification test given by the intelligence unit, Steelrazor (Silent Arrow).
18-0 Female Kamael Soldier
Path of the Warrior Onward Toward Your Trial
All warriors must be courageous and tenacious. Do you possess these qualities?
18-0 Human Fighter
Path of the Human Knight Trial of an Apprentice Human Knight
To become a Knight you must endure the legendary quest known as Path of the Human Knight.
18-0 Human Fighter
Path of the Rogue Let's obtain a Recommendation to Become a Rogue!
Speak first with Guard Bezique if you wish to follow the Path of the Rogue.
18-0 Human Fighter
Invention Ambition Collect Energy Ore
Inventor Maru dreams of becoming an amazing inventor, just like Soren, the inventor of the Soulshot. But he is having trouble with his current energy conversion device experiment because he doesn't have enough energy ore ingredients...
18-0 No Requirements Needed
Path of the Human Wizard In Search of the Spirit of Flame
Wizards must have a deep understanding of the power and meanings of each of the four elements. A token of fire is essential if you are to follow the Path of the Wizard!
18-0 Human Mystic
Path of the Cleric Proof of Faith
Potential Clerics should confiscate subversive books and take them to Priest Zigaunt. He'll be very impressed!
18-0 Human Mystic
Path of the Elven Knight Testimony of Sorius
For millenia Elven warriors have traveled either the path of the sword or the path of the arrow. Both paths inevitably lead through Eva and Einhasad.
18-0 Elven Fighter
Path of the Elven Scout Proof of Ability
Elven Scouts are the most dextrous and elegant of all Elves! To become Scouts they must first prove their worth in battle.
18-0 Elven Fighter
Path of the Elven Wizard Jewel Collection
Elven Wizards have a way with spirits. But first, they must perform a ritual for Eva.
18-0 Elven Mystic
Path of the Elven Oracle Miracle Girl
The revelation of flame has been passed down among Elven priests for centuries. Rumors persist that a girl of revelation has appeared recently.
18-0 Elven Mystic
Path of the Palus Knight Ritual of 13 Skulls
Dark Elven Knights must pass two trials to become an elite Palus Knight. Are you worthy to join them?
18-0 Dark Fighter
Path of the Assassin Towards the Altar of Rites
A Warrior of Darkness is a ruthless, silent assassin. Find Arkenia at the altar of coming-of-age ceremony and prove yourself to her.
18-0 Dark Fighter
Path of the Dark Wizard Four Seeds
Shilen is the mother of the dark arts. To become a Dark Wizard, one must prove capable of controlling the spirits with her power.
18-0 Dark Mystic
Path of the Shillien Oracle Two Books
Shillien Oracles seek truth and enlightenment in the darkness that surrounds us. Not all are worthy of such a noble profession.
18-0 Dark Mystic
Path of the Orc Raider Defeat Ratman Leader
Orc Raiders inspire fear in their enemies with their death-defying courage and royal bearing.
18-0 Orc Fighter
Path of the Monk Find Khavatari Rosheek
Orc Monks are masters of the traditional Orc martial art, kabart. The path of Monk requires that they receive scrolls from two masters.
18-0 Orc Fighter
Path of the Orc Shaman Preparation of Offering
Orc Shamans must master the language of fire in order to communicate with souls on the battlefield.
18-0 Orc Mystic
Destroy Plague Carriers Plague Carriers
The Elves have never forgiven the ratmen for introducing plague into their sacred Elven Forest. Not to mention their unholy alliance with the Dark Elves that resulted in the deaths of thousands of Elves! Master Ellenia is recruiting volunteers to destroy
18-24 Elf
Path to become a Scavenger In Search of Master Toma - Part 1
Master Tom teacher of the way of scavenger, is missing! You must find him!
18-0 Dwarven Fighter
Catch the Wind The Spirit of the Storm
Lireins are wind spirits, and can quickly stir up quite a storm! Within their bodies you'll find soulstone wind shards, good for a variety of purposes!
18-23 No Requirements
Path of the Artisan The First Blacksmith Test
Dwarven Artisans are consummate craftsmen. They must pass tests from three blacksmiths.
18-0 Dwarven Fighter
Sweetest Venom Dreviant Wine
Dark Elves are very fond of drevient wine, a drink made from the venom of spiders. Astaron, a master brewer, offers to make some for you if you'll bring him the ingredients he needs.
18-23 No Requirements
Mutated Kaneus - Gludio Mutated Cellular Tissue
Wizards are starting to do research on Kanueses that have been mutated due to an evil energy of Kamaloka that exists between this world and hell...
18-0 No Requirements Needed
Path of the Trooper Obtain a Recommendation
To become a Trooper, you must first pass the test given by Master Gwain in the Town of Gludio.
18-0 Male Kamael Soldier
To Lead and Be Led Slay the Maille Lizardman
Blacksmith Pinter of the Town of Gludio makes armor that only members of the Clan Academy can wear.
19-40 A Sponsored Member of the Clan Academy
The Leader and the Follower Slay the Bruin Lizardman
Head Blacksmith Newyear of the Town of Schuttgart makes armor that only members of the Clan Academy can wear.
19-40 A Sponsored Member of the Clan Academy
Dragon Fangs Wipe out the Raiders!
The primitive tribe of Langk Lizardmen in the southern part of Gludio Territory have been using a spell unknown to even the Mystics of the Ivory Tower.
19-29 No Requirements
Magnificent Feast Find the top quality wine!
Chief Warehouse Keeper Lansfo has taken care of the warehouse at Dion for 40 years. Now he's been offered the promotion of a lifetime!
20-30 Fantasy Wine, adept of Taste, Bring out the Flavor of Ingredients Quest has been fulfilled
Fantasy Wine Fantasy Wine
Fathers would brave the fires of hell for their daughters! Guard Harlan of Dion is no exception.
20-25 No Requirements
Hunting for Wild Beasts Bear Hunting
The salmon returned to the river as quick as lightning! Grocer Pano rushed to sell fishing supplies, but unforseen problems threaten his very existence.
20-24 No Requirements
In Search of Fragments of Dimension In Search of Fragments of Dimension
You need a Dimensional Fragment in order to temporarily stay within the Dimensional Rift. Get as many Dimensional Fragments as possible.
20-0 No Requirements
In the Dimensional Rift Defending the Dimensional Rift
Destroy all of the monsters within the Dimensional Rift. The number of teleports are limited, so you must work quickly!
20-0 No Requirements
Red-Eyed Invaders Invaders of Gludio
The red eyes of the Maille Lizardmen behold the dark shadows cast by war-ravaged Gludio Castle.
20-28 No Requirements
Yoke of the Past Scroll of Ancient Magic
The Gate Keeper Ziggurat, who longs to become Human again, asks you to slay the guardians and collect the scrolls of ancient magic.
20-75 No Requirements
Walk of Fate Meet With Karuda
Livina feels negative energy from the direction of the Crypts of Disgrace.
20-36 No Requirements
Ominous News Go to Karuda
Moira received a revelation from Pa'agrio that a journey to the Crypts of Disgrace is destined.
20-36 No Requirements
Grave Robber Annihilation Defeat the Grave Robber
Karuda says that the vengeful spirits are increasing because of the grave robbers' activities and asks you to eliminate the grave robbers.
20-33 No Requirements
Dangerous Seduction Chasing a Dream-Catching Succubus
The dreams of Tetrarch Vellior are constantly haunted by a mysterious, beautiful woman! Discover the truth of her origin in the ruins of the School of Dark Arts!
21-26 Dark Elf
Seed of Evil Evil Power
Evil has spawned in the long-abandoned Elven Ruins! High Priest Biotin was warned of this menace in a dream and is gathering forces to fight the evil.
21-26 No Requirements
Vanquish Remnants War with the Ol Mahums
The Black Lion Mercenaries are seeking volunteers to help rid the kingdom of the last of the filthy Gracian invaders! After their humiliating defeat, most of the Gracians returned home, but a few stragglers stayed behind to loot and pillage. Stand with th
21-30 No Requirements

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