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Quest nameDescriptionMin-Max LevelRestrictions
Revenge of the Redbonnet Maryse's Anger
As a child, Maryse Redbonnet narrowly escaped being eaten by wolves. Her family was not so lucky. She has sworn revenge on all wolves!
4-8 No Requirements
Wrath of Ancestors The Terrible End of a Grave Robber
Those impudent goblin grave robbers have insulted the ancient spirits for the last time! There's no longer any reason to put up with their insolence! Let them now taste Orcish steel!
5-16 Orc
Brigands Sweep Goblin Hunting
Convoys of the Golden Wheel Guild have recently come under daring attacks from goblin bandits. For the sake of Maphr, this outrage must be avenged! Let's give those goblins a dose of Dwarven justice!
5-18 Dwarf
Recover Smuggled Goods Toad Hunting
Warehouse Keeper Wilford is breaking the trade embargo against Gracia that was imposed after the recent war. He should be careful.
5-9 No Requirements
Chains of Slavery Imp Shackle
Our former slaves, the Imps, managed to escape while we were distracted by the war. It's time we teach those ungrateful wretches that no one escapes the Dark Elves!
6-11 Dark Elf
Invaders of the Holy Land Rakeclaw Imp
Imps are invading the Immortal Plateau, the ancestral Orcish homeland! Those impetus and foolish imps don't stand a chance against us! In the sacred name of Pa'agrio, the Lord of Flame! Arise, Orc warriors! Drive this scourge from our land!
6-14 Orc
Head for the Hills! Monsters of the Hills of Gold
A growing number of Grey Keltir and Black Wolves are gathering around the entrance to Kamael Village. Unless they are stopped, they may attract even more dangerous predators who would pose a grave danger to the town's inhabitants. Visit Marksman Bixon and
6-0 No Requirements
The Hidden Veins Chrysolite
Elder Filaur, an expert in the construction and mining business, has learned that Otuk Orcs have recently discovered a long-lost chrysolite mine.
6-15 Dwarf
The Guard is Busy War with the Primitive Tribe
Talking Island's immigration policy has been relaxed in order to give refuge to those who have fled the violence of the Gracian War. But it's still quite a dangerous place!
6-16 No Requirements
Hunt the Orcs Hunt for Kaboo Orcs
Kaboo Orcs from the Misty Mountains have begun invading the Elven Forest. They've even infiltrated the village under the very eyes of the guards! All brave Elves who can help are asked to report to Sentinel Rayen!
6-16 Elf
Collect Spores Research of Spores
The Sea of Spores was created by an evil magic set loose in the Great War over 2000 years ago! The evil poison has endured through the milleni and even now is crossing the mountains, making its way straight towards the Elven Forest! The Elves are frantica
8-13 No Requirements
Trade with the Ivory Tower Spore Fungus
Trader Vollodos reports an increased demand for special spores produced only in the Dark Elven Forest. He promises a reward to whoever brings him these special spores.
8-16 No Requirements
Orc Subjugation Hunt for Balor Orcs
Our former slaves, the Balor Orcs, have dared to defy us! Now they're hiding in the mountains! Arise, warriors of Shilen, and teach our former slaves a lesson!
8-16 Dark Elf
Skirmish with the Werewolves Blood Relatives' Revenge
The fiendish Maraku Werewolves will pay for murdering a messenger of the Lord of Flame! In the name of Pa'agrio, kill them all!
9-18 Orc
Sword of Solidarity Broken Sword
The Sword of Solidarity has long symbolized the friendship between Elves and Humans. The disappearance of the sword has coincided with the deterioration of that friendship. Grand Master Roien is seeking a warrior to restore the sword to its place of honor
9-16 Human
Spirit of Craftsman Method of Refining Oriharukon Ore
Karrod from the Dark Elf Village is the best of all Elven blacksmiths. In spite of his awesome skill, he still cannot refine oriharukon ore. Summon a Dwarf Warsmith to discover the secret!
10-17 Dark Elf
Spirit of Mirrors Escaped Spirits
Three Spirits of Mirror have escaped from Magister Gallint's laboratory on Talking Island! Capture and seal these spirits!
10-15 Human
Skirmish with the Orcs Guardian of the Forest
Kaboo Orcs from the Misty Mountains have invaded the Elven Forest again. Help Sentinel Kendell and the Elven Fighters defeat the invaders and take the head of the Orc Captain!
10-15 Elf
Forgotten Truth Kaysha's Revelations
The infamous Orc Brigand has stolen Kaysha's Revelations! Retrieve this vital document to secure the future of all Dark Elves!
10-15 Dark Elf
Merciless Punishment Stop Baranka's Conspiracy!
The exiled traitor Baranka schemes to overthrow the kingdom of the Orcs! Reveal his wicked plot and destroy him! Dejakar Oroka!
10-16 Orc
Covert Business Hardin's Request
The Bronze Key Guild has dealt in rare ingredients for millenia. They're looking for someone to hunt bats for an important client.
10-16 Dwarf
Jumble, Tumble, Diamond Fuss In Search of a Star Diamond!
The Star Diamond is one of only 12 on the entire continent! The Dwarves are planning a Jumble, Tumble, Diamond Fuss!
10-14 Dwarf
Shards of Golem New Tools
The roof of Einhasad Temple has collapsed! Help Magister Harrys restore the temple!
10-17 No Requirements
Collect Arrowheads Tunath Orcs' Bow
Minia is a collector of odd weapons from diverse cultures. She's recently begun collecting the weaponry of Turak Orcs, native to Talking Island.
10-14 No Requirements
Bones Tell the Future Dead Men's Bones
Tetrarch Kaitar predicts the future with dead men's bones. He foresees an approaching darkness that threatens to destroy all the races! He needs a secret ingredient containing awesome death energy to fully understand the prophecy.
10-18 Dark Elf
The Way of the Warrior Preparation for a Ritual
You can become a Kamael Warrior only by successfully completing The Way of the Warrior. Hierarch Kekropus is organizing the rite.
10-0 Kamael
Dark Winged Spies Baranka's Messenger
The time has come for the traitor Baranka to pay for his crimes. Destroy the darkwing bats who spy on the tribes of the kingdom.
11-15 Orc
Dreaming of the Skies Collect Floating Stones
Arin of the Black Anvil Guild has long dreamed of flying, and is now studying the ancient technology of the Titans in pursuit of his goal. But he must first find a monster with a floating stone.
11-15 No Requirements
Scent of Death Special Fertilizer
A bit of ground-up corpse skin is essential for growing nightshade.
11-18 No Requirements
Muertos Feather Collect Muertos Feathers
Merchant Trevor asks you to bring him Muertos's Feathers from Mimir's Forest.
11-18 No Requirements
Legacy of the Poet Legacy of a Friend
Rumiel Moonshine, an amazing poet, entertains his companions with dark poetry, detailing the dread and sorrow of war. Alas, he succumbed too young to the violence he so eloquently described. But his soul lives on in his writings, hidden amongst the ruins
11-15 Exclude Dark Elf
Go Get the Calculator. To the Trade Guild
Isn't it said that insanity always lies at the heart of genius? Blacksmith Brunon dreams of being first to visit the moon, but must have something first.
12-0 No Requirements
Sea of Spores Fever Cure for Fever
Sentinels who were conducting experiments in the Sea of Spores have all come down with a bad fever. Sentinel Knight Alberius is seeking someone to visit Master Cobendell to obtain the cure.
12-18 Elf
Protect the Water Source In Search of the Source of Pollution
Someone has intentionally poisoned the water supply of Elven Village! Hierarch Asterios is seeking a young volunteer to find and destroy this evil-doer to save the Mother Tree!
12-18 Elf
Curse of the Underground Fortress The Way to Undo a Curse
Ancient spirits have begun haunting the ruins of the Dark Elven war in the Underground Fortress. They cry out for revenge.
12-21 Exclude Dark Elf
Offspring of Nightmares True Nature of Dark Horrors
Magister Vlasty is researching the ancient monster known as the dark horror.
15-20 Dark Elf
Rancher's Plea Establish a Ranch!
Edmond and Marius dream of building a successful ranch on Talking Island, but certain eight-legged monsters stand in their way.
15-21 No Requirements
Traces of Evil Hunting Kasha Spiders
Many creatures near the Orc Village are being contaminated and dying because of Kash the evil spirit of decay and death. This also includes the animals that are sacred to the tribes of Orc Village, and it is causing great distress among the Orc tribes. Tr
15-0 No Requirements Needed
Totem of the Hestui Purification of the Grizzlies
The gray bear totem, longtime guardian of the Hestui Tribe, is under attack from the forces of the evil spirit Kasha! Save the gray bear totem from its grisly fate!
15-21 Orc
Gatekeeper's Offering Collect Starstones
Gatekeeper Tamil must make an offering to a totem of spider in order to complete his teleportation studies at the Ivory Tower.
15-21 No Requirements
Cure for Fever Disease Spider's Poison Sac
The students of Einhovant's School of Magic have come down with a mysterious fever. Their teacher, Elias, is quite concerned.
15-21 No Requirements
Tarantula's Spider Silk Material for Formal Wear
The Silver Scale Guild has received a special order for 20 spider silk outfits from the King of Elmore! They are for the emissaries to Aden and must be of the highest quality! Mion, a tailor at the guild, is frantic. He's short of both time and materials!
15-21 Ring of Racoon or Ring of Firefly
Gatekeeper's Favor Collect Starstones
Since Gatekeeper Wirphy began using the technology of the ancient Titans, he's had more business than he can handle! Now he's in need of some special ingredients to recharge his energy source.
15-21 No Requirements
Millennium Love Whereabouts of the Lost Lover
The ramifications of the ancient battle with the devil, Beleth, still linger in this land. Lilith still grieves for her lost lover, Theon, at Einhasad Temple. His body wasn't recovered, so she's never truly accepted his death. She's waited for him for 100
15-19 No Requirements
The Few, The Proud, The Brave Crimson Spider Claw
Vice Hierarch Perwan is looking for a brave adventurer who can kill the Crimson Spiders in Mimir's Forest.
15-0 No Requirements
Get a Pet To Obtain a Pet
A pet will be your friend in the most difficult of times. It's not easy to acquire one, however.
15-0 No Requirements
Grim Collector Collecting Corpses
Legend says that there is someone who collects bits and pieces of undead things. What could he be thinking?
15-26 No Requirements
Bard's Mandolin Swan's Flute
Music is the most beautiful form of expression! A certain young man, shy and blinded by love, knows this all too well.
15-0 No Requirements
Sorrowful Sound of Flute Listen Carefully to the Dwarf
Music is the most beautiful form of expression! Even a certain lady of nobility with exquisite taste is helpless in its embrace!
15-0 No Requirements
Collector's Dream Collect Spider Legs
Alshupes, an amateur zoologist, has a particular interest in the skins and claws of rare animals. He pays a reward to whoever brings him the legs of the giant mutant spiders that lurk near the village.
15-21 No Requirements

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